‘The One’ music video, Sander Kleinenberg & Felix Leiter

Performing as different characters in;
Music video for Sander Kleinenberg & Felix Leiter
Spinning Records
Film made by: House of L’evant & Nepco Artificial Happyness

Masks/Animal heads made by: http://nepco.nl/

‘The One’   January 2016


Punk-Big balls and Cunt face -A Conceptual Rock band-

Transgender movements research with electronic metal rock sounds.
An interdisiplinary piece by Lena Glücksman Nilsson (performer) and Milan Mes (musician). A reseach in poses on stage; pending between the male and female, stereotypical poses. Playing in the frame of an concpt of a band on stage, where the audience plays a role as audience, they will be confronted of the uncertainty, since this band is an idea, it plays with the predictable and unpredictable.

ADM Blift- Punk Festival, Amsterdam October 2015







Modalities A.D.E Sugar Factory

“Domestic objects no.I”
A performance piece in collaboration between:
Lena Glücksman Nilsson -performer and choreography
Maarten Vinkenoog -performer and choreography
Milan Mes -sound scape composer and musician

During the show at Sugarfactory Vincent Verburg was performing instead of Maarten Vinkenoog.

Hover plays in surreal love act.

“Lena Glücksman Nilsson uit Zweden / Amsterdam is een kunstenares die beweging en muziek gebruikt om “uncanny but sensual choreographies” te maken. Voor haar stuk “Domestic objects no. 1” werkt ze samen met werkt ze samen met een aantal leden van Project Wildeman. Dit gezelschap wisselt strakke woordsalvo’s en maniakale rondedansen moeiteloos af met soundscapes en rake poëtische oneliners. Zij stonden eerder op  festivals als Oerol en Over het IJ.”

Sugarfactory, Modalities, during A.D.E (Amsterdam Dance Event) 2015



Ellaborated with words during the development of the piece.

Dance piece by Vincent Verburg

Vincent in collaboration with Raphael Vanoli (Music), Ellen Knops (Lights), Lena Glucksman Nilsson (Text).
Supported by ICK Amsterdam.

Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam September webflyer-escapism-2015-voor2015

“Domestic objects no.I” performance at ‘De Liefde’ party on Valentines day, Amsterdam 2015



“Domestic objects no.I”  performance in collaboration with Maarten Vinkenoog and sound scape by Milan Mes (from Project Wildeman) , Ruigoord Amsterdam 2015.

A party produced by A.W.E (At World’s End, artist/interactive theater collective) with wedding theme during Valentine’s day.

Hover plays in surreal love act.